Past Events

Past Events

Muhlenberg Churches Food Pantry

August’s food distribtuion will be h4eld on Thursday 8/19 from 1-3 pm at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. This is a drive through food distribtuion. Many hands are need to help feed our neighbors. Many of our neighbors are living with food insecurity. Please come and serve as you are able. Please share with those who hunger.

Circle Sharing

Circle Sharing is a time to gather with our siblings in Christ to share our joys and our concerns, to share our storiess, to listen and to laugh, to be together in the spirit of prayer.

Drive Thru Prayer

Offered each 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Drive by as you are able to be in prayer with Pastor Linda. We invite you to share your struggles, your joys, your stories we will join together in the spirit of prayer. Times vary from afternoon to evening for your working schedules. Check your bulletin for times and dates or call our church office at 610-926-2038

Open Sanctuary / Prayer Wednesday

This is a time to pause, to reflect, to rest in the presence of the Spirit of God. The Sanctuary will be open, gentle music will play,candles will be lit, a printed devotion will be available. Stop by to breathe deeply as you sit with God.