Return to Church Task Force update on Masks

Return to Church Task Force update on Masks

Greetings beloved friends,


Mask Policy “UPDATE”

New Church Mask Policy effective as of Monday September 13, 2021.  All individuals who enter our church facility will wear a mask when they enter, move around, and leave our facility.  If you are working alone and have been fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask while sitting at your desk. We will continue to sing during our services, please bring a mask with you.   This mask mandate,  is to protect your siblings in Christ. Masks will be available in each pew and in the social hall, should you not have one with you.  Our church has been outfitted with a UV filtration system that is designed to help clean the air and protect our siblings in Christ by creating a safer environment for all.   Sunday morning attendance is being taken each week to help contact tracing, should someone have a positive Covid test.  Please inform the church as soon as possible if  you have tested positive for Covid so we can let others from the attendance sheet know about it. We will not share any phone numbers. The church phone number is 610-926-2038.

In light of the new Delta variant of Covid-19, our Faith Formation classes will also require masks due to the close proximity of the participants. (this is in conjunction with the local school district recommendations). Our adult Faith Formation class will be offering a hybrid experience (in person and zoom),  for those who are not yet comfortable attending in person.

Group Size and mask mandates

The “Return to Church Task Force” and Church Council have determined that the current size limit for groups will remain at 40 people.  We ask that the contact person from the group signs in on the sheets provided, in case we would need to perform a contact trace due to Covid-19. The contact person would then be in charge of contacting their own group.

A reminder to all groups, you may set your own mandates regarding masks and compliance, as long as it follows the minimum of our church policy. (groups can determine if they will require vaccination proof) If any participant has a question, they should see the group leader.

As always, friends, we invite you to contact any member of our Church Council with questions and concerns. We will also continue to offer worship virtually on FaceBook and YouTube for those who do not yet feel comfortable gathering in person.  We will continue to update these policies as the “Return to Church Task Force” follow suggestions and guidelines within our community and state at least once a month.

Stay safe. Take good care of yourself. Know that you are loved, that you are called beloved, that you have value and gifts. Know that God journeys with you during this time of uncertainty and challenge.

Peace, love, and blessings,

Pastor Linda